Eulogy for Rdio

I’ve already stopped adding favourites. What’s the point? This is all going to be gone in a few weeks anyways.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so sad to see a service I’ve used depart from this world.

Your time was cut too short.

I will remember you for all the times we spent finding new music together because you had this awesome new releases section that highlighted everything and not just the top billboard music (yes, we still judged by the album artwork).

Yes, you had your brief adolescent years as your appearance changed inexplicably every day but in the end you turned into a charming little app that others looked up to.

Sometimes you’d say I could listen to some music and then the next day say it wasn’t available. But then you’d usually give it back to me although I’d have to re add it. I know it wasn’t your fault and that you had a rocky relationship with ‘licensing agreements’ that you just couldn’t get out of.

But in the end you were there for me no matter the mood, time, or location.

I’ll remember all the times you kept playing great music even after the album I asked for finished and I didn’t even notice.

Thanks for always being mindful of my data usage by giving me bitrate options so I didn’t have to wait or worry about going over my limit.

Just like our bodies decay when we die and then allow new things to grow, I hope the parts that Pandora bought off of you will evolve into something new and beautiful.

For now I will fill this void with other lovers (Spotify, the ugly one) but your place in my heart will never disappear.

As you sail off into the sunset remember that I love you and I’ll miss you.